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Michael Allen

Freelance Journalist for Vice UK

Freelance at Vice UK and others | Graduate of City University Newspaper Journalism MA 2013/14 | Contact me: Michael.Allen@vice.com

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Ones to Watch

Are apprenticeships as good as a degree?

Michael Allen of the University of Warwick writes for The Student Journals about whether University is really a better path than apprenticeships:
This Christmas I looked on in dismay as my younger bro...

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Ones to Watch

Mathematics students more likely to achieve a first

Michael Allen reports in the University of Warwick’s The Boar that some students are less likely to earn a first-class degree based upon the course they’ve chosen:
There were large disparities in the ...

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Ones to Watch

New Dehli rapists ‘cannot hang’

January 29, 2013 - Comment -
Michael Allen argues inThe Student Journals that human right supporters can’t pick and choose who to defend:
Coming to the defence of somebody who has committed a frankly ...

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Ones to Watch

Print Journalism isn’t dead yet

Michael Allen writes for the Student Journals on the future of the medium, and how he can’t resist the feeling of a crisp newspaper:
You can’t wrap fish and chips in an iPhone, nor can a private eye c...

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Ones to Watch

Is it cheating to use 'study drugs'? | Ones to Watch

Students use 'study drugs' to gain an unfair advantage during exams

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Ones to Watch

Sex sells and so does the Queen

Following the Jubilee Weekend, The Student Journals‘ Michael Allen gives his take on the nation’s latest marketing ploy:
Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t realise the British were patriotic any more. Th...

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Ones to Watch

Student debt rises to £20bn

Rozina Sabur and Michael Allen write for the University of Warwick’s The Boar about the rise in UK students’ debt:
Students studying at British universities in 2012-13 collectively owe almost £20 bill...

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Ones to Watch

Student with severe clinical depression 'threatened with expulsion' over attendance

Michael Allen reports on the email received by a student whose illness prevented him from attending classes. From the University of Warwick’s The Boar:
A student suffering with a mental illness has ra...

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Ones to Watch

Syrian student loses 20 loved ones in war

Michael Allen interviews a Syrian student who is juggling a PhD with the death of his family for the University of Warwick’s The Boar:
A small proportion of university students are forced to deal with...

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Ones to Watch

Warwick protests continue during Open Days | Ones to Watch

Prospective students to Warwick's Open Day were greeted by student protesters

Ones to Watch

Drop in immigration figures labelled a 'sham'

Michael Allen reports for the University of Warwick’s The Boar on a push by Warwick SU to ensure international students aren’t included in immigration figures, as they remain vital for the UK economy...

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Ones to Watch

Lowering the voting age to 16 is long overdue

Michael Allen writes for the Student Journals about the lower voting age for the Scottish referendum:
Alex Salmond’s proposal to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote in the Scottish referendum on indep...