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Michael Allen

Freelance Journalist for Vice UK

Freelance at Vice UK and others | Graduate of City University Newspaper Journalism MA 2013/14 | Contact me: Michael.Allen@vice.com

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The Boar

University and SU defiant over international students - The Boar

The University is united against the government's inclusion of international students in net migration figures...

Open uri20140105 2381 zspisa article
The Boar

Academic calls for 'study drug' testing - The Boar

A Cambridge academic has called for students to be tested for 'study drugs'....

The Boar

Malaysian exchange for Warwick medics - The Boar

Students from WMS will soon have the chance to study in Malaysia as part of a new exchange initiative...

Open uri20130914 32147 94qya2 article
The Boar

Israeli student compensated after ‘anti-Zionist’ allegations

Smadar Bakovic / Photo: Smadar Bakovic
A former Isr...

The Boar

Syrian student in UK plagued by death

A small proportion of university students are forced to deal with the death of a loved one during their studies, but one student from Syria has had to deal with 20 family members and friends being killed during his time undertaking his PhD at a West Midlands university...

Open uri20130914 12555 ok61n5 article
The Boar

Warwick branded clothing accused of ‘sweatshop labour’

A Warwick branded hoodie. Photo: stuartpilbrow / Fl...

Open uri20130810 14445 19xhtco article
The Boar

Warwick students oppose English Defence League in Coventry

Warwick students joined several political groups in Coventry on Saturday to oppose a planned assembly by supporters of the English Defence League (EDL).

Open uri20130313 13591 qzcnd4 article
The Boar

Disparity in number of first-class honours

There were large disparities in the number of first-class honours degrees awarded to graduates of different departments last year, the Boar reveals.
The starkest contrasts were between Law and Mathema...

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The Boar

Immigration policy no deterrant for students

Friday 8 February, 2013
The Coalition Government’s recent immigration restrictions concerning non-EU international students appear to have had little effect on the desire of those students to come to ...

Open uri20130313 13591 aq2mis article
The Boar

Malaysian exchange for Warwick medics

Warwick Medical School (WMS) students will soon have the chance to study in Malaysia as part of a new exchange initiative between Warwick and a Malaysian university.
Warwick and Universiti Malaysia Sa...