Michael Allen

Michael Allen

Freelance Journalist for Vice UK

Freelance at Vice UK and others | Graduate of City University Newspaper Journalism MA 2013/14 | Contact me: Michael.Allen@vice.com

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The Student Journals

In Defence of Print | Student Journals

Photography: NS Newsflash
You can't wrap fish and chips in an iPhone, nor can a private eye conceal himself behind an iPad to snoop on his mark...
In the debate over the rise of digital media, we tend...

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The Student Journals

Journalism for whom? | Student Journals

Michael Allen is studying Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick.
Photograph: by noodlepie
When I was applying for my undergraduate degree back in 2009, I can't recall fundin...

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The Student Journals

My First Protest | Student Journals

Michael Allen reflects on experiencing his first protest.

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The Student Journals

Not stirred by the Harlem Shake

Michael Allen is studying Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick.
Students dress up for the Harlem Shake Photo: jabest72 / flickr
Last Wednesday a hoard of students dressed in...

The Student Journals

Are top universities failing students with mental health issues?

How would you feel if one of your best friends, who didn't yet know you suffered from depression, told you she wouldn't be able to look at a person the same way if she knew they had a mental illness?

Open uri20130204 668 bxyjxd article
The Student Journals

Sex sells everything – and so does the Queen | Student Journals

Michael Allen gives his take on the Jubilee Weekend and how the Queen represents Britain to the rest of the world.

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The Student Journals

Towards fairer media coverage of China

This student wishes to remain anonymous, but he does study Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick.
For a country with such a fierce policy of censorship, newspaper circulation...

Open uri20130204 12324 uhudgk article
The Student Journals

What's the deal with Singapore's media?

The main newspapers in Singapore: The Straits Times, The New Paper, Today and My Paper. Photograph: Michael Allen
Singapore is regarded as a developed country and Singaporeans enjoy a high standard of...

Open uri20130131 26781 c7oje0 article
The Student Journals

Apprenticeships vs. University | Student Journals

Michael Allen weighs up whether an apprenticeship might be more beneficial than a university degree.

The Student Journals

Your reputation is online | Student Journals

Modern technology creates modern problems about how you behave in public, warns Michael Allen.

The Student Journals

The New Delhi rapists must not hang | Student Journals

The death-penalty is not a long-term solution to India's problem of male chauvinism, writes Michael Allen

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The Student Journals

Executive bonuses and the Living Wage

£2,163,000 – no human being requires such a sum. Many would surely like such a sum, but no person requires it...

The Student Journals

Welcome to Britain? | Student Journals

International students will bear the brunt of the government’s regressive immigration policy, making it harder to build a life in Britain, Michael Allen writes.

Open uri20130204 668 1o5zz0n article
The Student Journals

Flag Waving in Singapore | Student Journals

Michael Allen is studying Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick.
On 9 August, Singapore celebrates its 47th National Day (ND), but the annual celebration to commemorate its 1...

The Student Journals

Lowering the voting age to 16 is long overdue | Student Journals

Michael Allen argues that if 16 year olds are paying taxes, why aren’t they allowed to vote yet?